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Photo by Katharine Schroeder

In 2014, don’t just watch Top Chef — learn to become one.

Beginning in January, master chefs Kevin Penner and Gerry Hayden will host a series of cooking classes and discussions at Mr. Hayden’s premiere restaurant North Fork Table & Inn

As first reported in Edible East End, Mr. Penner wrote that he and his “cooking co-conspiritor” Mr. Hayden “had an epiphany” to start cooking classes in order to help speed up the passing of winter. They decided to call them “Cooking Sessions” to be held every Saturday in January and February at the North Fork Table.

“We are music and ingredient fanatics, so we decided to blend the two to echo the improvisational jazz scene of the 1950s, ’60s and ’70s. Our plan is to pick a theme for each session and riff on it,” Mr. Penner wrote. The sessions are intended to flow naturally from there.

All eight of the sessions will be held on Saturday afternoons in January and February. Folks can attend individual classes, however the chefs encourage people to book a block of four sessions for a discount.

Classes will run for about an hour and a half, starting at 1 p.m. on Saturdays. The cost per class is $90, or $300 for all four in January. Call the restaurant at 631-765-0177 to register.

The first session will be at the North Fork Table & Inn on Saturday, Jan. 4 and will feature a chat about the chicken and the egg with Holly Browder of Southold’s Browder’s Birds.