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Photo by Paul Squire

The North Fork is ready for its close up.

The Coen Brother’s latest flick, “Inside Llewyn Davis,” which filmed several scenes at two locations in Riverhead last year, will go into wide release this Friday Dec. 20.

The movie, a period piece about a 1960s folk singer, features big-name movie stars like John Goodman of the “The Big Lebowski,” Justin Timberlake of “The Social Network,” and Carey Mulligan of the recent “The Great Gatsby.”

Oscar Isaac, who had a supporting role in 2011′s crime drama “Drive,” plays the lead character, a down-on-his-luck folk singer struggling in the Big City.

Eagle-eyed viewers can even spot two of the scenes in the film’s trailer when the main character loiters outside a gas station (film crews had turned an old potato barn into the set)

(You can watch the full trailer here. Warning: the trailer has been rated R for strong language and sexual references.)

“Inside Llewyn Davis” was one of many television series and films to take a tour of the North Fork, including the HBO hit show “Girls,” which filmed scenes in East Marion and Greenport this June.

Check local listings to see showtimes for “Inside Llewyn Davis” later this week.