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The Movie Project continues at The Riverhead Project this November. Come watch your favorite films on a large screen projector set up next to the fireplace in the lounge. Each film is selected by that week’s guest curator. 

“Women in Law”

Curated by Jennifer Maloney ESQ. SCWBA

Nov. 10: My Cousin Vinny

Nov. 11: Legally Blonde

Nov. 14: Erin Brockovich

Nov. 15: The First Wives


“Vacation Movies”

Curated by Hotel Indigo

Nov. 17: Dirty Dancing

Nov. 18: Vegas Vacation

Nov. 21: Couples Retreat

Nov 22: Grown Ups


“Films Set At Thanksgiving”

Curated by Jason Hefter and Yvonne Lieblein of the BOOK PROJECT

Nov. 24: Scent of a Woman

Nov. 25: The Ice Storm’

Nov 28: The Myth of Fingerprints

Nov. 29: Pieces of April