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The North Fork wineries and one farm made the news recently in pieces in The Wall Street Journal, AAA magazine and Strong Rope Brewery’s beer blog.

Wine columnist extraordinaire Jay McInerney’s Wall Street Journal piece The Other Bordeaux Lies Closer to Home is a great piece about the coming of age of the reds of the North Fork. The Hargraves as well as Bedell Cellars, Paumanok Vineyards, McCall Wines and Shinn Estate Vineyards are all noted for helping change the attitude toward North Fork wine.

AAA magazine also featured Shinn Estate Vineyards in the travel piece Indulge in the flavors of Long Island Wine Country by Margaret McCormick that touched on Shinn Estate’s wine as well as their dining and lodging.

Farm to Pint and their locally grown hops were visited by Brooklyn-based Strong Rope Brewery who are brewing their first wet hop ale. Their Brewers Log blog The Farmer to Brewer Relation talked about the fresh hops. Beer lovers keep your eyes out, with the increase in local hops farms, wet hop ales are going to be seen more and more in the coming months and years.