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BBQ Bill's Pig Stop cockail

Photo by Carrie Miller

greenport's bbq bill's pig stop cocktail

Stop on down for a quick “Pig Stop” cocktail at BBQ Bill’s in Greenport.

The frozen cocktail’s pretty pink shade is disarming, but it packs a similar kick to the well-known Long Island Iced Tea. 

The “pig stop” is one of the bar’s best sells, said Jackie Ruter while serving drinks behind the stick. She has been with the restaurant for four years, and said she likes its tangy, sour taste.

The drink tastes like a hard pink lemonade, and is topped off with almost every garnish you can think of.

Ruter said she wasn’t able to share the secret recipe, but said they mean what it says in the drink’s description on the menu: “Just Trust Us!!!”

BBQ Bill’s recently added a number of new cocktails to its drink list, featuring country fun names like the Big Green Tractor and Ho Down Punch.