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Visit Greenport Village during the LIRR’s Long Island Wine Country tour day.

The iconic Jess Owen Carousel House at Mitchell Park in Greenport is a favorite for locals and tourists alike.

The 1920 Herschell-Spillman portable classic wood carousel was a gift from Grumman and its three rows of horses and two chariots are open for rides daily (weekends only during the off season).

Any day is a good day to celebrate this piece of history, but if you’e strolling around Mitchell Park today (August 10) and hear what sounds like a marching band by the carousel, take a walk over. The Greenport Carousel Committee is hosting a day of carousel band organ music courtesy of Michael Falco who has recreated a Wurlitzer 105 Military Band Organ, ca. 1919, that will fill the park with music beginning at noon. For more about Falco’s project, which took more than three years to complete, click here.

“The music is loud, joyous and infectious,” Arlene Klein of the Greenport Carousel Committee said. “Hearing it will be a wonderful experience for the children and bring back lots of memories for the adults.”

The Greenport Carousel Committee handles regular maintenance of the carousel and building, and have also undertaken the task of refurbishing and beautifying the carousel itself including working with an artist to create a work of art on the rounding board.

“The Carousel is the jewel of Mitchell Park and we feel that it should shine as such,” Klein said.