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riverhead wine project

The Riverhead Project restaurant adds another “project” to its list with the reintroduction of the Wine Project. The Wine Project is a family style, multi-course dinner every Tuesday night at 7 p.m. that pairs wine and food in a rather unconventional way.

“This is not your typical wine dinner,” says owner Dennis McDermott. “It’s actually the antithesis of a classic wine dinner where each course is paired specifically with a wine.”

Firstly, a guest wine aficionado hosts the dinner, bringing with them a featured wine for guests to enjoy and learn about. Meanwhile, the chef at the Riverhead Project creates a variety of tasty platters to serve to the diners.

However, there is no communication whatsoever between the wine specialist and the chef.

“The guest host brings a ‘surprise’ wine and the chef has no idea what it is. The wine expert also has no idea what the chef is cooking,” explains McDermott with excitement in his face.

This “surprise” aspect definitely makes the wine dinner stand out from the rest.

The restaurant has a long table for “family style” dining, and this is where the Wine Project takes place. Platters of food are passed around and wine is poured, allowing guests to relax and enjoy candid conversation with other wine lovers. The table seats 12, so this is the amount of guests limited to each dinner.

wine project 2

Curators and menus change with each week.

Today, June 11, welcomes Carie with vias Imports. The following Tuesday, June 18, the wine host is Arnaud with Gabriella Fine Wines. The last Tuesday in June, the 25th, invites Rhonda with Southern Imports.

The Wine Project costs $40 per person and usually sells out due to the limited seating, so be sure to make reservations at (631) 284-9300. For more information call or visit the website at