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Tweed's Restaurant in Riverhead bison burger

If you haven’t tried a bison burger yet, let Tweed’s Restaurant and Buffalo Bar serve up your first.  Nestled in downtown Riverhead, Tweed’s is one of the oldest restaurants on the North Fork.  But don’t expect a classic burger.

At Tweed’s, bison is king and the bison burger wears the crown. Served up hot and juicy with crispy bacon, cheese, lettuce and tomato, this burger is quite a mouthful.

And when it comes to fresh, Tweed’s cannot be beat. Their bison is raised just three miles from the restaurant at owner Ed Tuccio’s personal 250-acre ranch, North Quarter Farm, on Roanoke Avenue.

Mr. Tuccio’s passion for bison farming began in 1985 on a ski vacation to Colorado.

“I came upon these magnificent animals, a lost part of our great American history and fell instantly in love,” he said.

Shortly after his visit he purchased bison of his own and the rest is history. Today, North Quarter Farm boasts more than 300 bison. The herd is grass fed, supplemented with local hay, potatoes, pumpkins and brewery mash depending on the season.

Plus, this burger is good for you! Bison meat is inherently lean, packing 20 grams of protein with less fat and cholesterol than traditional burgers.

Tweed’s also offers distilled spirits, beers and cocktails along with live jazz on the weekends.

Tweed’s Restaurant and Buffalo Bar is located at 17 East Main Street in Riverhead.


Photo by Cyndi Murray