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The roads of the North Fork are safer thanks to personal transportation company Main Street Drivers. The service provides you and your party with a driver to chauffeur you down the wine trail for anywhere from three hours to the full day. The driver can pick you up in one of their cars or will drive you in your own car if you prefer.

Having partnered with many of the North Fork’s wineries, Main Street Drivers helps keep roads clear of drunk drivers and allows clients to relax and savor Long Island wine country.

“The partnership is to provide limousine type service without having a limousine,” said James Hirtenstein, the owner of Main Street Drivers.  “The wineries love the fact that I can deliver wine-buying and wine-drinking clients in a limousine-type atmosphere without a stretch pulling up to the tasting room.”

Each trip is customized to suit the clients’ needs, whether it’s a group from the city looking for a limo-alternative or a couple of locals desiring a chauffeur to drive their own car. At $40 per hour (three hour minimum), Main Street Drivers provides a high-end experience at reasonable prices 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

According to Hirtenstein, he created the service not simply for personal business gain, but also to create something he felt the east end of Long Island was missing.

“Making that trip from Montauk to East Hampton my whole life and seeing cars pulled over to the side of the road or a police officer pulling someone over for a DWI check got me into thinking, ‘that could be me a driver plows into or someone I care about.’ I got to thinking there has to be a better way,” Hirtenstein said.

After more than two years in business, the organization continues to build upon their signature customer service while planning excursions their clients can enjoy in a safe, yet fun manner—all thanks to their network of qualified drivers.

“I don’t want to make myself feel bigger than I am but we’re saving lives, because we are taking people who normally might take that chance, there is no alternative to get around, and now we’re giving them that alternative,” Hirtenstein said.  “I feel in my heart of hearts we’re doing everything to make roads on the North and South Forks as safe as we possibly can for everyone involved.”

To schedule a trip with Main Street Drivers, call their New York City office at (888) 327-4460 or their Hamptons location at (631) 287-6246, or email [email protected].