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Photo by Carrie Miller | The LIV of DIVE cocktail is one of many creative creations at The All Star.

The All Star has teamed up with SkyDive Long Island in Calverton to create a cocktail representing the best skydiving has to offer.

The cocktail, made with locally produced Long Island Spirits’ LIV vodka from Baiting Hollow, is a bright shade of sky blue, and features a toasted marshmallow representing the clouds, said Peter Sgroi, a partner of The All Star.

Served in a martini glass, the frozen cocktail is a sweet treat, with hints of lemonade coming through. The marshmallow is served flaming, leaving that toasted marshmallow aroma in the air.

“It’s a fun restaurant. The food should be fun, the drinks should be fun,” said Sgroi, who created the drink.

LIV free or DIVE is just one of many creative cocktails available at The All Star at 96 Main Road in Riverhead.