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The diminutve singer-songwriter superstar Lady GaGa posed for at least one photo at Jerry and the Mermaid restaurant on East Main Street Thursday. That shot was posted on Instagram, a photo-sharing social site. The poster wrote Lady Gaga was at Jerry’s with Sports Illustrated model-turned-actress Kate Upton and actresses Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann, whose husband, Judd Appatow, is executive producer and writer for the HBO hit show, “Girls.”

“Girls” has been out filming this week in East Marion, as previously reported, but all three actresses have been on the East End filming a movie called “The Other Women,” set for release in 2014, according to film site IMDd.

Crews have been shooting the movie on Dune Road and Post Lane in Quogue, according to film reports.

There were also unconfirmed reports the same trio of stars were also spotted at upscale Riverhead Project restaurant, also on East Main Street.

This isn’t the first time Jerry and the Mermaid, a seafood restaurant and bar, was treated to a night of celebrity.

While in town for a celebrity golf tournament in September, 2011, NBA legend and television personality Charles Barkley belted out an, ahem, interesting rendition of Frank Sinatra’s “My Way” on the Karaoke machine at the restaurant. He also posed for photos with Blue Waves cheerleaders.

INSTAGRAM PHOTO by user itsdreal.


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