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There’s lots of wildlife at Shinn Estate Vineyards in Mattituck.

Those walking around the vineyard can spot rabbits, birds, deer, raccoons and even a fox.

In the next few months, there will be even more: a new frock of baby chicks and a bunch of new beehives.

There are currently about a dozen laying hens roaming about the 20-acre property, but they’re sequestered away from the grapevines. Barbara Shinn, the vineyard’s owner, said she’ll bring three dozen bantam chickens into the mix in March.

“They’re a small, agile, friendly breed of chicken,” Ms. Shinn said.

The black and white speckled chickens will be allowed all around the vineyard. They’ll be a positive addition, as they eat bugs, grass and weeds that grow around the grapevines.

The Shinns also have one beehive on the property and will have 15 new ones by springtime. Ms. Shinn and her family will make honey from the bees on the premises.

They plan to serve the honey and eggs laid by the chickens at Shinn Estate Farmhouse, the Bed and Breakfast on the property.

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