08/30/18 6:00am

Mattitaco gets in on the punny sign action. (Credit: Cyndi Murray)

There is no denying the North Fork’s rising reputation as a serious regional producer of all things farm-to-table. From chefs that conjure creative dishes sourced from nearby farms practicing innovative sustainable growing practices to the bevy of 90-point wines that are defining Long Island as a heavy hitter in the viticulture industry.

Yes, there is no doubt that North Fork producers of all kinds take their crafts seriously, but not themselves. The North Fork is after all the un-Hamptons — more laid-back with air of accessibility our neighbors to the South Fork lack. (more…)

08/23/18 6:10am

Grindstone Doughnuts will be among the places featured in the first Off the Fork Sunday. (Credit: Krysten Massa)

Every so often, my wife and I will have a meal or spend a day some place else and find ourselves saying, “This feels like the North Fork.”

Non-words like northforkery and northforkerish have become a part of my vocabulary since we launched this publication five years ago.

Occasionally, we’ll even have a northforkery meal in a northforkerish place and I’ll say, I wish we could write about this.  (more…)

08/09/18 6:10am

Artist Emma Ballou paints the east side of Grace & Grit in Southold. (Credit: Grant Parpan)

How do you beat this current heat wave on the North Fork? If you’re artist Emma Ballou, you don’t.

You may have noticed the Eastport artist’s mural work popping up in Southold, where she was commissioned to paint at North Fork Roasting Co. and Grace and Grit.  (more…)