11/21/18 6:50pm

Northforker staffers Michelina Da Fonte — our reigning taste test champ — and Cerria Torres square off in a battle to see who the true expert is on apple pie. Served slices from Briermere Farms, Hallock’s Cider Mill and Breeze Hill Farm & Preserve they had to guess which one came from each place in this recurring segment featuring locally sourced products.

Filmed by Krysten Massa, Grant Parpan and Kaylyn Ahrenstein
Edited by Krysten Massa

Sponsored by Green Hill Kitchen

11/13/18 6:16pm

It’s hard to go out anywhere on the North Fork these days without admiring the work of chalk artist Kara Hoblin. The founder of the North Fork Art Collective has designed signs and menu boards for many restaurants and wineries that are certain to capture your attention when you’re in their presence. (more…)

10/30/18 5:54pm

At just 27 years old, Stephen Scarnato of Jamesport has carved out a nice professional niche for himself, tending to residential vineyards at homes across the North Fork and beyond through his company, Long Island Vine Care. (more…)