07/24/18 6:05am

Jenna Stankaitis of Calverton gets her face painted at a recent Love Lane First Fridays.

As I scroll through Instagram and Facebook, I’m seeing a lot of beautiful landscapes, ice-cream-smeared grins, and flat tires on mountain roads. It’s high season for family vacations, the American ritual of piling into planes, trains and automobiles for destinations both unknown and well-worn.

But you won’t see far-flung travel photos on North Fork Family social media. The gorgeous vistas are cumulus clouds over Little Peconic Bay and the treeline across acres of fields at Hallockville Museum Farm. The smeared ice cream is from Magic Fountain. The flat is being patched at Eastern Tire. We aren’t going anywhere.  (more…)

06/13/18 10:11am

The good life at Catapano Dairy Farm. (Credit: Barbaraellen Koch)

Five different birds trill and sing, competing for attention. Breezes whistle through leaves. Sunlight dapples the fragrant herbs by our feet. As we sit on our deck on a beautiful June afternoon, the North Fork’s bounty reaches all five of our senses.

Raising my kids here, they’re learning to appreciate more than pretty sights: they’re also smelling, hearing, touching, and tasting the place where they live.  (more…)