08/18/17 11:29am

Martha Clara Vineyards Pinot Grigio is our ‘Wine of the Week.’ (Credit: Lenn Thompson)

Pinot Grigio, most of it anyway, is barely wine. Okay, maybe that’s a bit harsh, but most of the stuff you see on store shelves and on restaurant wine lists is rather insipid. I’d call it more of an easy-drinking inebriant than wine.

On the other hand, maybe it’s better than all of the barrel-bludgeoned chardonnay you’ll find at most bars and restaurants.

That isn’t the point here, though. The point is that most Pinot Grigio is boring and not something that I have use for in my day-to-day drinking rotation. (more…)

07/27/17 12:18pm

Martha Clara Vineyards Estate Reserve Riesling. (Credit: Lenn Thompson)

When a lot of people think about New York riesling, they think about the Finger Lakes region in central New York, where it has earned a reputation for consistent quality. Some local wineries buy riesling juice from up there and make the wines here. Often, you’ll see “New York State” listed on those labels where you’d usually see “North Fork of Long Island” or “The Hamptons, Long Island.”

But that doesn’t mean that the Finger Lakes have a monopoly on delicious, food-friendly riesling in New York. (more…)

05/23/17 9:20am

The crowd at the 2016 Harvest East End. (Credit: Madison Fender)

Hold out your glass for another pour of rosé as the Long Island Wine Council’s annual Harvest East End event returns this summer.

This year’s gala, dubbed “Back to Our Roots,” is set for Saturday, Aug. 5.

Harvest East End, which usually features tastes from upwards of 30 Long Island wine producers, is the Wine Council’s biggest event of the year and traditionally honors longtime contributors to the Long Island wine industry.

While that will continue in 2017, guests can expect something slightly different this year. (more…)

05/03/17 6:01am
A bottle of Bridge Lane Rosé. (Credit: Vera Chinese)

A bottle of Bridge Lane Rosé. (Credit: Vera Chinese)

It’s going to be a rosé kind of day.

The second annual North Fork Rosé Crawl, a self-guided rosé crawl at four North Fork wineries, will be held on Saturday, June 10 in celebration of National Rosé Day. Enjoy tastes of rosé and rosé-themed treats along the tour which will feature stops at Martha Clara Vineyards, Bridge Lane Wine, Lenz Winery and Osprey’s DominionREAD