01/19/17 6:00am

Elizabeth Sweigart spends her days surrounded by hundreds of items, each with its own story to tell. The 26-year-old said she’s always been drawn to old things, whether it be a vinyl record or antique piece of clothing.

It still shocks her, she said, that nearly four years ago she opened her own vintage shop in Greenport selling many of those items.

“It was pretty spontaneous,” Sweigart said. (more…)

11/02/13 10:30am
times vintage elizabeth sweigart greenport

Photo by Cyndi Murray | Elizabeth Sweigart elected to keep the old Suffolk Times sign on her new shop’s Main Street building in Greenport.

With an artistic eye and an affinity for all things old-fashioned, Elizabeth Sweigart is breathing new life into the former Suffolk Times building in Greenport.

The 23-year-old and her father, Michael, have opened a vintage clothing shop in the Main Street building that housed the newspaper until 1988. Aptly named The Times Vintage, the shop offers antique jewelry, clothes, furniture, records and other items.  (more…)