06/23/17 6:00am

A can of Moustache Brewing Co. Get Up On Outta Here.
(Credit: Lenn Thompson)

As a wine geek who also enjoys beer — but who doesn’t work nearly as hard at beer drinking as I do wine tasting — it’s been fascinating to watch the evolution and revolution of the hoppy beers.

When I first started getting into India Pale Ales (IPAs) it was both the flavors (mostly dank and resinous in those days) as well as the bitterness that appealed to me. Now, there are so many different varieties of hops, each bringing different flavor profiles, that it’s harder to know what you’re getting if you just pick up any IPA off the shelf.

The most recent trendy iteration of IPA “New England-Style IPA” with its effusive tropical fruit character, unfiltered haze, creamy mouthfeel and lack bitter bite on the finish are easy to drink. Still, I miss the hop-born bitterness. It cuts through the fruity and creamy qualities and makes for a more balanced beer. (more…)

05/12/17 6:00am
It's Long Island Craft Beer Week. (Credit: Northforker file photo)

It’s Long Island Craft Beer Week. (Credit: Northforker file photo)

It’s that time of year again. I’m not talking about gypsy moth caterpillars or the mass influx of Manhattanites surging east — I mean Long Island Craft Beer Week. Every spring, restaurants, pubs, breweries and tasting rooms celebrate the incredible boom of locally produced craft beer.  (more…)

04/25/17 6:00am
A pint of Twin Fork Beer's "Chromatic Ale" at CJ's American Grill in Mattituck. (Credit: Vera Chinese)

A pint of Twin Fork Beer’s “Chromatic Ale” at CJ’s American Grill in Mattituck. (Credit: Vera Chinese)

After two years of planning, Twin Fork Beer Company has applied to construct a new brewery and tasting room on an undeveloped lot on Raynor Avenue in Riverhead.

The company, run by Riverhead natives and twin brothers Pete and Dan Chekijian, is hoping to add to the area’s craft brewing boom, Pete Chekijian said.

“We live out here, we believe in the area and we believe that we can contribute with jobs and the burgeoning tourism industry,”  Chekijian said after the Riverhead Town Planning Board discussed the application Thursday. (more…)

03/29/17 6:03am
Threes brewing

Greg Doroski of Threes Brewing Co. (Credit: Matt Furman/Threes Brewing courtesy photo)

Standing at the counter of a coffeehouse located inside their Brooklyn brewery, Threes Brewing partners Greg Doroski and Josh Stylman are reminiscing about the early days of their then fledgling company.

Doroski, who was living full-time in his native Cutchogue, recalled a trip to Brooklyn three years ago to take a look at some of the equipment Threes would use to brew its beer.

“He was supposed to be a consultant,” said Stylman, a tech entrepreneur and investor with a background in marketing.

Drawing a deep breath, Doroski began to explain why it was once important for the relationship to stay that way. (more…)

03/23/17 10:43am
Three's Brewing Categorical Error is our Beer of the Week. (Credit: Lenn Thompson)

Threes Brewing Categorical Error is our Beer of the Week. (Credit: Lenn Thompson)

With summer just around the corner, I’ve cut way back on my beer consumption — not because I expect it will reveal some hidden mid-section six pack, but merely to get my full-on dad bod back. But, when I was at Whole Foods picking up a few ingredients that I can only get there, I saw it: a floor stack of Threes Brewing Categorical Error. (more…)

03/02/17 6:02am
Moustache Brewing Co. Double IPA Dexterity Issues. (Credit: Lenn Thompson)

Moustache Brewing Co. Double IPA Dexterity Issues. (Credit: Lenn Thompson)

Even if Moustache Brewing Co.’s latest Double IPA release “Dexterity Issues” wasn’t as good as it is, it’d be newsworthy and worth chasing down. You see, it was brewed to benefit multiple sclerosis research. Brewery co-founder and brewmaster Matthew Spitz was diagnosed with MS, an autoimmune disease that attacks the nerves in the brain and spine, in July 2013. (more…)