07/24/17 11:57am

There are few better antidotes on a rainy Monday than flipping through Instagram or the photos app on your phone and recalling all the summertime weekend fun you just had.

Here’s a baker’s dozen of our favorite #northforker photos from the past week. Remember to follow @the_northforker on Instagram for fun photos all week long. READ MORE

07/07/17 6:15am

Charles Cardona was too young to become a member when he first visited the Custer Observatory in the late 1970s, but he fell in love with the opportunity for exploration the facility provides.

Eager to spend more time at the Southold astronomy landmark, which was just a few miles from his home, young Mr. Cardona got a job sweeping floors there. He was paid $5 per week, but it was worth much more than that to him. READ

07/05/17 11:43am

East End photographer @chrisfanjul took this gorgeous shot shared by @carolinerocchettaphotography and tagged #northforkerfourth. It was taken on the South Fork, but we do not discriminate against photos this good!

We called for #northforkerfourth photos this holiday weekend and our readers delivered with more than 250 photos that made us super jealous of the great time you all seemed to be having. read