12/10/17 8:40pm

Professional ice carver Rich Daly creating an interactive sled out of blocks of ice. (Photo credit: Krysten Massa)

For the fifth year, professional ice carver Rich Daly has returned to Sherwood House Vineyards for its annual ice carving event. Daly holds the world record for fastest ice carver and has also won over 200 competitions nationwide.  (more…)

11/24/17 6:16am
Southold Historical Society tree lighting

A tree is decorated at the Southold Historical Society in 2016. (Credit: Madison Fender)

Does it make sense to drive to a rural area, cut down a seven-foot tree and put it in your living room for several weeks? No, it does not. But Christmas was never about being sensible. Even for people who think nothing of apple- or strawberry-picking, the experience of going out in a field to bring back a freshly cut tree is a peculiar delight.

And speaking of rational acts, who in their right mind would tie up acres of valuable Long Island real estate growing a crop that requires fertilization, pest control, pruning and eight to 10 years of growing before it can be harvested?

On the North Fork of Long Island, there are still a handful of farms, all family-owned, where generations of tree buyers and tree growers have participated in this illogical, magical Christmas tradition and made it an annual part of their holiday. (more…)

09/07/17 10:41am

A scene from the North Fork Dog Dock Diving Festival at the dog friendly Greenport Harbor Brewing Co. (Credit: Jeremy Garretson, file photo)

As the dog days of summer begin to wind down, what better way to usher in autumn than to have a jaunt on the North Fork with the four-legged member of your family?

Many places welcome a well-behaved Fido. Check out a few of my favorites as even dogs dig the serenity of the North Fork vibe. (more…)

09/04/17 6:05am

It’s no secret that locals breath a sigh a relief on Tumbleweed Tuesday. Sure the streets and stores are less crowded, but also we’ve enjoyed gorgeous Indian summers in recent years, extending the swimming and backyard lounging season well until October. In fact, many claim autumn is their favorite time on the North Fork.

Here’s what we like to do when the summer season is over.  (more…)