07/17/17 6:00am

The steps near the Horton Point Lighthouse, one of our favorite North Fork scenes. (Credit: Sascha Rosin)

The red hot North Fork real estate market once again caught the attention of the New York Times real estate section in a recent piece entitled “The North Fork Has a New Name: NOFO.

The story, which appeared online July 14 and in print July 16, summarizes the appeal of the North Fork for all the usual reasons (proximity to beaches, fresh produce, etc.) It also notes that home prices here are rising, but still about half what they are on the South Fork. The median home price on the North Fork is $487,500 compared to about $1 million on the South Fork, according to Judi Desiderio, chief executive of Town & Country Real Estate. (more…)

06/13/17 6:03am

The June 2017 cover of northforker magazine. Photo by David Benthal, graphics by Eric Hod.

Editor’s note: The June 2017 edition of northforker magazine is out. You can find it at variety of Long Island wineries, restaurants and newsstands.

To our readers,

In this issue’s “Summer Sips,” consulting editor Jane Lear calls growing your own herbs one of “life’s most inexpensive luxuries.”

I’d love to get that saying engraved on a plaque and hang it in my garden. (more…)

06/12/17 3:12pm
goodfood mattituck

A visit to Goodfood. is kind of like being in Brooklyn, says Eater NY. (Credit: Monique Singh-Roy)

Wait, so I’m confused. Is the North Fork unhip? Or is it the new Brooklyn?

Today an article proclaiming that the North Fork is becoming the Brooklyn of Long Island appears on the Eater NY website. Ironically, this comes on the heels of the NoFo being labeled “unhip and unhappening” in the pre-fall 2017 collections edition of the Bergdorf Goodman catalogue.

“We’d heard that city exiles were transforming this laid-back region into an alt-version of Brooklyn and wanted to see if there was any truth to the rumor,” said Eater writer Robert Sietsema. (more…)

06/12/17 6:01am

Harbor Books in Sag Harbor. (Credit: BJ Gamboa)

It’s just about summertime on the East End.

Get your toes in the sand or throw yourself into a hammock while you unplug and read a book.

Forget the two-day drone drop. Hop in your convertible or pedal your beach cruiser down to one of these local havens and meet your fellow bibliophiles.

Here are three places to pick up some summer reading while you visit the East End.


05/22/17 6:00am

Harper’s Bazaar recommended a stop at Kontokosta Winery in a recent roundup of NYC getaways. (Credit: Kontokosta courtesy photo)

This just in from Harper’s Bazaar and its roundup of the best last-minute weekend getaways from New York City.

Our own slice of paradise, the North Fork, made the cut. (more…)

03/28/17 6:02am
The view from Orient Beach State Park. It's one of our favorite spots on the North Fork. (Credit: Krysten Massa, file photo)

The view from Orient Beach State Park. It’s one of our favorite spots on the North Fork. (Credit: Krysten Massa, file photo)

When I saw a headline that read “The Most Underrated Places to Go in 2017” I thought, “this listicle better have the North Fork on it or it is pure garbage.”

It turns out this article wan’t internet bunk after all. (more…)