08/04/18 5:55am

Here locally and around the world there are myriad styles of rosé available. They can range from the palest of pinks to the rubiest of reds. Some are even darker than some “red” pinot noirs on the market. There is truly something for just about anyone. And if you don’t think you like rosé, you probably just haven’t explored enough.  (more…)

06/09/18 6:10am

Owners Karen and Fred Lee hold up the Snail of Approval award. (Credit: Lucy Senesac)

Locals know Sang Lee Farms as a staple for organic produce. The certified organic farm in Peconic operates year-round — giving us colorful veggies in the summer and winter alike.

The farmers make every effort when it comes to growing and educating the community — Sang Lee often hosts cooking classes and wellness series’ with expert guides.  (more…)

06/04/18 5:55am

Chris Geymayr with 8-year-old Pitbull Tango, winning Saturday’s competition with 21 feet, 1 inch.

It’s long been disputed what’s truly man’s best friend: Dog or beer?

At Greenport Harbor Brewing Co. this weekend, men and women alike didn’t have to choose between the two. (more…)