01/01/18 6:39am

This City Foodsters/Flickr photo was used to show off the new northforker restaurant, a hypothetical concept creating a menu with our staff’s favorite food items from across the North Fork. It was our eight most-read post of 2017.

Year in review posts across the country lamented 2017 as the worst in recent memory.

This is northforker, however, where the news is almost always good.  (more…)

12/29/17 6:04am

Winter is still a beautiful time on the North Fork. (Credit: Michael Versandi)

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The summer beach season is but a distant memory. The harvest of late summer and early fall, well that’s all over with too.

Even the holiday season will have passed come Monday and the countdown to the 2018 re-opening of your favorite North Fork seasonal destinations will be officially underway.

That doesn’t mean there’s nothing to do on the North Fork in these cold winter months. To prove it, we are continuing our monthly “things to do” column, though we’ve scaled it back to 10 items that can add some flare to your visit to the North Fork or prove a good night out for the locals. (more…)

12/15/17 6:04am

Jingle shells discovered by northforker nature columnist Chris Paparo. (Credit: Chris Paparo)

We have been fortunate this autumn with above-average temperatures and exceptional weather that has allowed us to continue visiting the shore long after Labor Day has passed. As I sit here writing this article, however, we are in the midst of our first snow storm and an extended weather forecast that looks like “Old Man Winter” will finally be waking up and making his presence known. For many, this will put an end to visiting the beach. For those who are brave enough to endure the cold, the beach is full of treasures just waiting to be found.  (more…)

08/13/17 6:48am

Sparkling Pointe has been named New York’s Winery of the Year. (Credit: Katharine Schroeder, file photo)

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11/16/16 6:00am

The first Monday in November is a date that gets every seafood lover’s mouth salivating.

It is opening day of bay scallop season.

These delicious morsels are only available during the winter months and the demand is always high for them. In the days leading up to the opener, scallopers ready their dredges, dig out their viewing boxes, and service their dive gear. (more…)