10/19/16 9:32am
Custer Observatory in Southold (File photo)

Custer Observatory in Southold (File photo)

Reach for the stars at the Custer Institute and Observatory’s 38th annual Astronomy Jamboree weekend, set for Friday, November 4 through Sunday, November 6.

The annual three-day event, hosted by the Southold astronomical observatory, includes lectures, celestial observations and the chance to get to know other astronomy enthusiasts. The event is open to both those new to astronomy and seasoned star-gazers. (more…)

10/13/16 4:17pm
Credit: Allen Forest Flickr/flickr.com/photos/al904/

Credit: Allen Forest Flickr/flickr.com/photos/al904/

Another tall ship is headed for the North Fork.

El Galeón, a replica of a 16th century Spanish galleon, is expected to dock in Greenport Harbor on Monday, according to village officials. Tours will begin on Tuesday, Oct. 18, according to Greenport Village Administrator Paul Pallas. Admission will be $10 for adults and $5 for children under 12. Children under five are free. (more…)

09/22/16 6:02am
Credit: Courtesy photo

Underwater rover pilot Campbell ‘Buzz’ Scott takes the controls of a remotely operated vehicle exploring the sea floor. (Credit: Courtesy photo)

Underwater rover pilot Campbell “Buzz” Scott has been all over — or, more accurately, under — the world’s oceans, from the Gulf of Mexico to the Antarctic. But Mr. Scott, the president of an educational program designed to teach youngsters about marine life and the environment, said he’s excited for his next adventure.

“We’ve never been to Greenport,” he said.

At this year’s East End Maritime Festival, Mr. Scott and Long Island-based scuba diver and shipwreck explorer Brett Curlew will give kids a chance to see Greenport Harbor like never before, from cameras mounted on an underwater rover.

And children won’t just get to look at the bay bottom: they’ll get a chance to pilot the remote device — a roughly 250-pound 3-foot-square device called a Saab Seaeye Falcon DR. (more…)

08/09/16 6:02am
Credit: Fish Guy Photos, Chris Paparo

A female blue crab and her ‘painted nails.’ (Credit: Fish Guy Photos, Chris Paparo)

With bright blue claws, sweet white meat, and powerful swimming legs, the blue crab is completely deserving of its scientific name Callinectes sapidus, which translates to “beautiful savory swimmer.” Enthusiastically pursued by both young and old anglers alike, the blue crab is a favorite dish at the local summertime clambake.

Having an extensive range, the blue crab can be found living in shallow coastal bays of the Western Atlantic Ocean from Cape Cod to Uruguay. Here on the North Fork, they are common in many of the small back bays, creeks, and harbors throughout the Peconic. In recent years, I have even been finding them in greater numbers in the harbors along the Sound as well. (more…)

06/22/16 1:51pm
Photo credit: Katharine Schroeder

North Fork Hen Tour in 2013. (Credit: Katharine Schroeder)

Cornell University has scheduled a self-guided tour of 15 North Fork hen houses for Saturday, June 25, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

“Since the recession began in 2008, the interest in raising backyard chickens for fresh eggs has exploded,” said Dr. Mark Bridgen, professor and director at Cornell University’s Long Island Horticultural Research & Extension Center. “The purpose of this Hen House Tour is to raise awareness of backyard poultry and to share enthusiasm for raising chickens, ducks, and poultry.”