01/14/18 11:03pm

From left, Chris Pickerell, director of Cornell Cooperative Extension’s marine program; Steve Schott, CCE marine botany educator and project leader on the Peconic Estuary Kelp Aquaculture Feasibility Study; and Jason Havelin, CCE dive safety officer and habitat restoration team. (Credit: Elizabeth Wagner)

Kelp took center stage on Friday night at Greenport Harbor Brewing Co.’s Peconic tasting room.  (more…)

01/12/18 5:30am

Just the fact that Zander Hargrave is making the wines at Pellegrini Vineyards combines Long Island wine country’s past, present and future. The Hargrave name goes back as far as Long Island wine history can go. Zander’s parents, Louisa and Alex Hargrave, founded Hargrave Vineyard, Long Island’s first commercial winery, in 1973, and Zander’s uncle, Charlie Hargrave, is a veteran grape grower on the North Fork.  (more…)

01/10/18 6:01am

First & South’s Wicked Mint delivers all the flavor of a craft cocktail minus the alcohol. (Credit: Cyndi Murray)

Boozy holiday parties and champagne toasts may get the best of us in December.

Now that the calendar has flipped to January, many are hitching a ride on the sober express for a solid month, a practice dubbed “Dry January.” Being alcohol-free doesn’t have to mean curling up at home with your Netflix lineup while watching your pals enjoy happy hour on Facebook. These local bars and restaurants are serving up skillfully executed mocktails to savor without the hangover. (more…)

01/06/18 6:25am

Our wine columnist Lenn Thompson has vowed to drink more sparkling wine this year. (Credit: Randee Daddona)

You can ask my wife: I’m a man of a million ideas, but with nowhere near as much ability (or sometimes interest) when it comes time to follow-through. In my mind, I’ve started a magazine or three, written a handful of books, formed a quality-focused winery consortium for New York, launched a Long Island wine bus (a food truck, but serving the best local wine) and — well, you get the idea.

I guess I’m a dreamer, and that makes the start of the new year a big holiday for me. Big ideas. Big plans. New Year’s Day is the “I’ll start on Monday” of all “I’ll start on Mondays.” (more…)