05/23/18 10:29am

You’ve probably passed by Island’s End Golf and Country Club in Greenport many times in your travels to and from the North Fork.  (more…)

05/14/18 5:55am
Dart's Barn (Courtesy of Sue Llewellyn)

NOFO ARTWORKS is showcasing at Dart’s Barn. (Courtesy of Sue Llewellyn)

Dart’s Barn, a gorgeous structure on Main Bayview Road in Southold, will look even more beautiful this Memorial Day weekend when it’s filled with local artwork for NOFO ARTWORKS, an event bringing artists and artisans to the property.

The three-day exhibit features live woodcarving, printmaking and pottery firing demonstrations along with photography and paintings on display in the barn. (more…)

05/07/18 6:10am

Orient Point Light at dawn. (Credit: Rick Berk)

Cross Sound Ferry is introducing a new way to explore Long Island’s historic lighthouses this summer, joining other local companies and non-profits that host lighthouse tours.  (more…)

05/03/18 8:28pm
Amistad will dock in Greenport on Father's Day weekend. (Discovering Amistad courtesy photo)

Amistad will dock in Greenport on Father’s Day weekend. (Credit: Discovering Amistad)

Another tall ship has charted a course for the North Fork.

Amistad, a replica of the historic 19th century Spanish schooner that made history off the coast of Long Island, is docked at the Greenport Marina from Thursday, June 14 through Sunday, June 17. The deep water harbor has played host to a number of historic tall ships through the years, but this is the first voyage Amistad is making to the village. (more…)

05/03/18 5:58am

David Benthal captured celebrity photographer EJ Camp for our May issue, on newsstands now. (Credit: David Benthal)

On a windswept Sunday afternoon above Greenport’s 67 Steps Beach, photographer EJ Camp is gathering gear from the back of her truck. After pulling on thigh-high rubber waders, she grabs her medium-format Leica 5 camera and tripod … and signature Nick Fouquet designer trail hat. She’s the subject of today’s photo shoot after all, and after photographing hundreds of commercial and editorial assignments from behind the camera, she knows exactly what’s needed to step out in front. (more…)

04/23/18 4:52am

Lady crab larvae. (Credit: Fish Guy Photos)

Although it might not feel like it, winter is finally over. The days are getting longer and as I mentioned in last month’s column, our local waterways are coming alive. Phytoplankton populations have now reached densities that will support the next level of the food web, the zooplankton.

The word zooplankton is derived from Greek words zoon meaning animal and planktos meaning wanderer. As “wandering animals,” zooplankton are similar to phytoplankton as they are not capable of swimming great distances, rather they drift where the currents take them. But unlike phytoplankton, zooplankton cannot produce their own food and must receive nourishment by feeding on other organisms.  (more…)

04/02/18 6:10am

For our April cover story, photographer David Benthal shot triathlon coach Vicki Edwards training at her Mattituck studio, on the track at Mattituck High School and the beach at Founder’s Landing in Southold. (Credit: David Benthal)

I can’t.

Those are often the first words East End Tri coach Vicki Edwards hears before signing her clients up for their first triathlon.

A half-mile swim, followed by roughly 12 miles on a bike and a three-mile run can intimidate even the most fit beginner.

But Edwards says that with the right guidance, anyone can go from couch to competition in as little as three months.  (more…)