07/12/17 6:01am

Baked apples at the Ram’s Head Inn. (Credit: Madison Fender/Ram’s Head Inn courtesy)

This summer, the North Fork is a canvas of photogenic dessert plates. With an abundance of local, fresh ingredients by talented purveyors, it is no surprise that restaurant chefs have gone above and beyond creating photogenic, edible masterpieces. Cameras and smartphones will be out and ready even before you grab your spoon and fork.

Make your Instagram followers swoon with these six Instagram worthy desserts created by notable chefs of the North Fork and Shelter Island. (more…)

12/21/16 6:02am
The breakfast spread from North Fork Guest House was one of the best things the writer ate in 2016. (Credit: Vanessa Gordon photos)

The breakfast spread from North Fork Guest House was one of the best things the writer ate in 2016. (Credit: Vanessa Gordon photos)

What a superb roundup of culinary delights did 2016 bring.

From discovering a new, favorite food truck to indulging in mouthwatering crepes in an artsy, cheerful café, I have tasted some of the most memorable dishes the North Fork has to offer. Each sensational bite was an experience in and off itself. I invite you to savor the bounties of the diverse plates and farm-stand finds, tiered with the freshest flavor and the finest attention to detail.

The North Fork takes their food seriously. Discover which impressed my gastronomic senses in 2016. (more…)

10/04/16 6:03am

Credit: Fig and Olive, courtesy

What better way to experience the North Fork than during the autumn months when the farms and wineries reach their harvest peak? Come experience the bounties of the East End by staying at a cozy bed and breakfast.

Awaken the senses and be comforted by a hearty, fall-inspired breakfast utilizing the finest ingredients from local farms and coffee roasters. (more…)

06/07/16 9:56am
Oatmeal Raisin Cookie from Ms. Michelle's. (Credit: Courtesy of Ms. Michelle's)

Oatmeal Raisin Cookie from Ms. Michelle’s. (Credit: Courtesy of Ms. Michelle’s)

The Long Island Aquarium in Riverhead hosted the second annual Taste the East End food and beverage event Sunday, featuring a variety of local food and drink businesses. (more…)

04/20/16 9:30am
Credit: North Fork Table and Inn courtesy

Crispy sautéed black sea bass fillet with spring sweet pea purée, fava beans, chanterelle mushrooms and radish-herb salad (Credit: North Fork Table and Inn courtesy photo)

The beginning of spring means warmer temperatures, fruitful vegetation, lush greens and the lengthening of daylight.

It also means restaurant menus across the North Fork begin transitioning to incorporate more and more local ingredients that highlight the signature tastes of the East End.

Below, we have chosen a few noteworthy dishes to get you even more into that sumptuous spring mood. Al fresco dining, anyone? (more…)