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Bridget Shirvell

07/20/18 6:00am

The lobster roll at Crabby Jerry’s. (Claudio’s courtesy photo)

Sour cherries picked off the tree, gooey ice cream sandwiches, bottles of pale ale— summer is the time to fill your diet with delectable North Fork treats.

But as much as we want to pretend the end of summer isn’t coming, the days are getting shorter and with them the chance to savor some of our favorite seasonal foods.

Here are 5 things to eat and before summer ends.   (more…)

05/01/18 6:00am

First and South in Greenport. (Credit: Randee Daddona)

Dear cozy tables by the fire, we’ve had a good a run. But springtime is here, and that means we’re ready to find a spot where the ratio of sun to refreshing breeze is just right, the food is colorful and fresh, and the cocktails use all the best flavors of the season.  (more…)